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        Group Members

        Fuwa Group isoperating five major brands such as FUWA (China and Asia), VALX(Europe),AXN(North America), K-Hitch(Australia) and AMPRO(South America). The groupcovers a total area of more than 2.5 million square meters, including 10manufacturing plants, 2 logistics ports, 4 overseas companies and 1 Sino-Germanjoint venture company. 

        GuangDong FUWA Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (Shunde)

        GuangDong FUWA Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. (Taishan)

        GuangDongFUWA Casting & Forging Co., Ltd.(Xinhui)

        FuwaHeshan Industrial Park

        Shunde Leliu Wharf& Container Co.,Ltd. 

        Taishan GongyiPort Co.,Ltd 

        FuwaEngineering(S) Pte Ltd

        Fuwa K Hitch (Australia) Pty Ltd

        AXN Heavy Duty.

        VALX Intenational.